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Hello all. I just sold my house in burnaby and have to move on february 26th. I doubt I can find a place to buy and close it before then ( since there really isnt a ton of houses forsale). So I am looking to rent a furnished apartment so that I dont have to move my stuff from here, to there, to a new place all in a couple of months. I know its more money but......
so, looking for anyone that is renting out a furnished one bedroom. im not a crack head, I have a good job, and im a no bs kinda guy. There are ots of places on craigslist but thye all want a 1 year or 6 month lease. i am looking for short term. I would say 1-3 months. Know anyone going on vacation that needs somone to take care of their house or pets? anyone that is moving in with their girl friend or boy friend that wants to keep their place just in case?

or any suggestions where i could find such a place?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts