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A simple suggestion

I usually use a bike stand for chain maintenance.

However, for the CBR125R, I didn't have a stand for it. And I remember other members talking about the use of a stick to prop up the rear swing arm. So I picked up the first 2x4 laying around and placed it underneath the axle bolt head on the side opposite of the side stand. Before I did that, I had the front brake taped to the handle bar to applied the front brakes to prevent the bike from moving. It literally took a few pounds to lift up the rear wheel and put in the 2x4. Something very easy and convenient to do. And it was sturdy. Thanks guys for the idea.

I got to say I was lucky in that the very first 2x4 I picked up was the right length. The 2x4 only has to be just a little longer than distance between the underside of the rear axle bolt head (or nut) and the ground.

I find this jacking method to be so handy since I can just leave the 2x4 around and no one would give it a second look, and thus making it very accessible and convenient to use.

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