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Hey guys,
I am going to be doing some minor servicing to my bike this weekend and i had a few questions about some things i want to work on.

Here's what i want to do:
Change oil (filter + oil)
Clean Air filter
lube chain
tighten clutch cable (The clutch level is a bit loose due to a loose cable)

With these things in mind, do i absolutely need a bike stand to do all of these? can any be done without?

Is the stock Air filter on an 09 ninja cleanable? or do i have to just replace it? if so where is the best place to go for a new one?

Where should i get a new oil filter and oil from, and what oil filter and oil should i get?

What kind of lube do i use for the chain and where is the best place to get it?

And finally how do i go about tightening the clutch cable? my clutch level is pretty loose..

Oh and where should i go for a bike stand as i eventually want to get one, and how much are they? :S

Even if you can only answer one or two of these questions it is greatly appreciated =D

Thanks in advance.
my two cents... and this is my first season as a rider.

* A bike stand helps for chain lube and cleaning, but not necessary. it does make it sooo much easier when you can just spin your rear tire, might as well get one.. and save the money doing all the work yourself if you can. Youtube has everything you need and just ask for help. If you get a stand remember to buy some spools, they are cheap should be able to get some for like $30, a stand should cost no more than $100. I got mine at Modern and you really only need 1 rear stand.

*air filter - buy new and replace. straight forward. use a manual to see how to gain access to it.

*oil and oil filter. i use motul 5100. buy enough for oil change and filter replacement. see manual on how much you need. oil filter, buy new. you may need to get a tool to remove the filter, can get it at any bike shop (i.e. Modern). Remember to buy a crush washer.

*buy lube clean or wd40 or kerosene, buy a 3 sided grunge brush if you can, makes cleaning chain really easy. then lube it , again many examples on youtube

*haven't had to adjust my clutch cable, but you should be able to do that at the clutch end or open the clutch box and tighten it in there. while your in there might as well apply some cable lube

good lucks.
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