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Danke, after reading your post, I now understand the donkey self-portrait. You're suggesting that this thread is only for riders who blather on-and-on totally off-topic, about what good citizens they are, and how they'd never be naughty on 2 wheels?
Thank you for joining BCSB JJJoseph. You will soon learn that this board is full of motorcylists who have opinions about "Freedoms and Rights" that are quite contrary to yours. As shocking as it seems , some of us might believe that co-existing with the rest of humanity in both urban and rural settings is simply mature and responsible behavior. Riding like an asshat, having obnoxious pipes, dressing up like pirate, general attention whoring, and especially getting into useless confrontations with the Police pisses everyone off. Everyone except it seems a smaller by the day group of under-endowed former high school bullies, who never grew up and believe in tag lines like "Freedom Ain't Free."

JJ Baby, I've got family buried in in military cemetaries all over Europe and I can tell you unequivocally that they didn't give up their lives fighting in a war so 50 years later asshats could run obnoxious pipes and wear salad bowls on their head. This was not the Freedom they were fighting for and more than likely they would have bitch slapped the whole bunch of you backto last Tuesday.

I've been riding motorcycles for over 50 years, and I just heard that there was a thread here with an endless stream of posts from mentally-challenged self-righteous dick-heads who truly don't read too good.
Well apparently you are replying, proving that nobodies can reply.

I've been riding motorcycles for over 50 years
I am always at a loss when I read someone crow that they have been riding for over 50 years. What is this supposed to mean or signify? There are lots of weird single men who have been practicing self love for over 50 years and yet no sane person would ask them for tips to "spice up the marital bedroom."

I just heard that there was a thread here with an endless stream of posts from mentally-challenged self-righteous dick-heads who truly don't read too good.
Yes, but we do value proper grammar and rationale thought. On another note, had you read Dale Carnegie's book "How to Win Friends and Influence People", you might have considered a redrafting of your last sentence prior to posting.

But my civic duty is to help all here to understand that the OP was about arbitrary enforcement, NOT loud pipes! Even a donkey should be able to understand that. How about contributing something useful to the topic instead of just using up good real estate telling everyone what a good boy you are.
Your civic duty should be to make a pilgrimage to " Quiet Pipe Mecca" and then like a modern day St. Patrick chase the loudpipes off Robson Street. This was more of a case of public defecation in front of a Peace Officer than arbitrary enforcement and we are all going to pay the price.

Actually there have been a great many useful comments made on this thread, they just don't all agree with your views or those of the original poster.

Here's a tip the internet does not actually take up any physical space as we understand it, and posting on a motorcycle forum does not increase real estate density.

Where or for whom did you hear about it?
A well thought out and reasoned question by Bandito to JJJoseph results in this type of response. JJ, I am so disappointed in you.

None of your business, troll. Take a hike. Stick to the topic or buzz off.
JJ baby, it is our business we all want to join that forum, meet your friends and spread our version of motorcycling over there where you and your pals hang out.

We are on topic, this is BCSB.

As a "NOOB" and a very amusing one at that i might add, you can't tell people what to do here, BCSB doesn't have Road Captains so unless you become a Moderator, telling people to buzz off just adds to the general hilarity of your posts.

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BCCOM wll be looking at a "noise snare" system so that all vehicles will be accountable provincially. It will make it impossible for police to " target" motorcycles only for noise.
So, let's toss another red herring into the mix and keep that rolling pirate ship of fools pissing off the general public for a few more years

Adele, how will BCCOM be looking at a noise snare system?

Is BCCOM going to buy one for $112,000 and then set it up and prove it doesn't work, or ask the lower mainland taxpayers to buy one and then watch thecourt system tie itself in knots for years while the device's accuracy is questioned and your members "freedom to ride" is "protected"

Here's a news flash, the police target MC's because the "Loud Pipes Saves Nothing" crowd are a pain in the ass, and a popular as a white headed zit on the face of a 15 year old girl. This group of under endowed attention whores make the general public despise motorcyclists more every day and BCCOM seems to have an unnatural attraction to supporting their antics.

Of course there is a reliable sound testing system avaialble already as outlined by SAE document J2825, "Measurement of Exhaust Sound Pressure Levels of Stationary On-Highway Motorcycles," meets the need for a practical, consistent roadside sound test. It is also endorsed by many legitimate MC organizations http://www.americanrider.com/output.cfm?id=2218195

It seemed that BCSB answered your questions on noise last year


Let me share of my favorite quotes on loud pipes from Belt Drive Betty

Please ride safely - ONLY use your pipes where absolutely neccessary to prevent a crash, be a smart rider who is on the look out for dangerous situations - and remember SIPDE - Scan, Interpret, Predict, Decide and Execute - hone those survival skills - they are still your best defence in preventing a crash!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

Let's see how the Calgary testing of the Noise Snare worked out

Inaugural Noise Snare shakedown much ado about nothing


The modified pickup truck roars past, forcing those at the roadside to shout to be heard — but it isn’t loud enough.

A growling Italian V-twin motorcycle, exhaust pipes only a matter of metres from the bylaw department microphone, doesn’t come close to setting the Noise Snare off.

As loud as the traffic is — and it’s thunderous at times — it remains a very quiet afternoon for tickets along Calgary’s Ogden Road.

Wednesday marked the official launch of Calgary’s new Noise Snare sound-measuring device, and over the inaugural hour of monitoring a noisy rush-hour road, not a single vehicle managed to break the law.

They’re actually just warnings for the first month, before bylaw starts to issue $200 fines for anyone breaking Calgary’s legal sound barrier of 96 decibels.

But zero tickets? That speaks volumes.

“Nothing’s gone over — in the hour I’ve been out, the loudest vehicle that’s come through was a car at 93 decibels,” said bylaw officer Martin Tornberg.

The Noise Snare is a device criticised as heavy-handed and unfair, for forcing people to muffle their motorized monstrosities — yet on a noisy road like this, full of really loud vehicles, it fails to register.

They say a landing DC-8 makes around 96 dB, but until you stand within arm’s reach of rush hour traffic, listening for really annoying vehicles, you don’t get how ridiculously loud 96 dB must be.

As cars, trucks and bikes shake the asphalt on Ogden Road and rattle nearby eardrums, you fully expect Tornberg to tell you the barrier has been broken — but no.

“Basically, we have a threshold level of 96 decibels set up on the Noise Snare device,” said Tornberg.

“I’m after anybody who has a noisy vehicle — it could be a car, a truck, a motorcycle, anything.”

It will have to be a vehicle driven by someone incredibly obnoxious and/or self-centered — because no normal person could emit anything close to 96dB from their tail pipe without feeling vast guilt and shame.

This clearly isn’t a nanny-state move to silence any vehicle making more engine flatulence than a typical Smart Car, as some with modified exhaust pipes like to claim.

To actually understand how loud 96 dB is, is to grasp just how brainless you’d have to be to purposely modify or operate any vehicle to make that level of racket.

In fact, it was one such jerk who helped bring the Noise Snare to life.

“He went whipping by in first gear, at 10,000 rpm, the bike screaming the whole way, and he woke up my six-month-old daughter,” said Mark Nesdoly, an electrical engineer from Edmonton.

“My first thought was violence, but I knew I couldn’t do much from behind prison bars. The I started thinking, ‘you never hear of anyone getting tickets.’”

That’s because there was no reliable way to measure motorcycle noise, leading Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson to admit in 2008 that the existing noise law was too difficult to enforce.

And so Nesdoly invented the Noise Snare, and after independent testing it’s now officially in the arsenal of Calgary bylaw and being considered for use by police forces across Canada.

It works like photo radar, mounted in an unmarked vehicle, recording sound and licences of violators as they pass.

Public testing of the snare at an open session last month showed 47% of the 469 vehicles registered a fail — but as Tornberg points out, those were people who showed up fully expecting to be too loud.

After the first official day on the road, it seems the average Calgary road user has nothing to worry about from the Noise Snare.

And that, says Ald. John Mar, was the point when he started pushing for the sound law three years ago.

“It’s a big community, and we all need to learn to play together — and if you’re deliberately making a vehicle louder to the detriment of the community, we’re going to enforce the law,” said Mar.

“Now we have a tool to do just that.”

[email protected]

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then join BCCOM and bring it up at their meetings.
Sorry, I don't belong to or support organizations who do not provide:

full financial disclosure of where their funding comes from,

a complete listing of the executives and Advisory Board Members, and

publicly available annual reports

Here is an example to make it clear


They are a membership driven organization. If most of the members are the harley screaming beagle crowd.. then guess what. They are going to go after noise and helmet regulations.
How do you know that their membership is made up of mostly the " harley screaming beagle crowd" or even how many members they have?

Stop bitching about BCCOM not doing anything for you. They dont owe you anything.
I agree BCCOM doesn't owe me or anyone else, including perhaps their dues paying members, anything.

That doesn't mean that when BCCOM posts on a public motorcycle forum that their posts can't be questioned, challenged or even ridiculed.

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I guess it isn't surprising since this standard really went overboard in making it easy to conduct the test on the road side.
The test is quite simple to perform I have seen it done.

In the video I liked the part when the Engineer talked abut the AMA's endorsement and that it provides a basis for :

harmony for legislation,
reasonable law enforcement
it provides a benefit to the community and a benefit to riders,
and that the AMA has done a stellar job.

I have belonged to the AMA for years it is a top notch organization publishes a decent magazine and provides full disclosure
to it's membership of 225,694 riders. Annual revenue of the AMA last year were $14,235,733. The AMA provides everything one would expect and hides nothing. As a Member I can sign into the website and read the minutes of the Board Meetings.

Here is a link for the press/general public

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