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When "MAD MAX" first came out, i remember as a kid thinkin' forget the cars i want Goose's "KWAKA" :laughing ..anyways it was on TV 2 nights ago and those 70's Kawi's still look good...so lookin' around the net (its really the biggest source of info), i found a outfit in Japan dedicated to making the same bike complete with fairings,lights MFP markings and authentic "Jim Goose" decal :rockon . Check this out, comes in original Z1000 or a 50 cc version

You're such a sail whore!

speaking of which, when are you going to take me out on your boat? I'll bring booze!
boats i have sailed this summer alone: dash 34. j 109. martin 242. gibbons 42. olson 30. and a host of others that i can't remember due to the amount of booze consumed.

yes i am a boat slut. any boat, any time. i was slutting boats before sportbikes.

we are doing a booze cruise tonite on a c&c. there will be hot wimmins on board as well. hopefully we won't get the hail that is forecast.

if you want to come out, all you have to do is get a few friends together, and we can charter a boat for a day. summer prices are over, so taking a 30' boat out is a lot cheaper.

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metal damage... brain damage...

You listening to me, bronze?

I am the Night Rider! I'm a fuel injected suicide machine... I am a rocker! I am a roller! I am an out of controller! I'm the Night Rider baby, and I ain't never comin' back!
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