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MAD MAX wheels

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just dont put your fingers in there

nothing like a spec of sand to jam it all up and lock the wheels

the iris wheel is kinda trippy

A+ for effort tho
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Okay, I know this is really similiar to spinners and I'll hate myself for saying this...

But that is COOL!
nothing to do with spinners ,those are lame

at least these are engineered.Sure not the greatest idea for a road bike ,but crazy enough to be interesting
just like a finger chopping rifle.
Bah, its not like rotating chains don't take a finger or two.
Watch it spins long enough and you will go nuts...
Could you encase the wheel in lexon to shield it?
This ranks right up there with the gattling gun exhaust.
Notice that the gear one requires almost constant work to keep it in motion. The friction of all those gears is pretty big. Wonder how fast they tested it.
Think he could put some hands on that bike so when he gets off he can tell what time it is?
that looks like a very cool looking mechanically nightmarish pain in the ass...any idea if it could do 200? seems like a lot of force and speed on little gears/assembly.....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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