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March 9 - Anyone Riding????

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THis might soudn crazy but its only 11:40 and its cloudy and stuff here in Surrey but is anyone riding??... let me know. thanks.
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did I just hear somebody say ride??? :)

lets roll, name the place and time, i'll be there.

btw, i'm close to you, i'm out in delta.
Canadian_Gixxer said:
did I just hear somebody say ride??? :)

lets roll, name the place and time, i'll be there.

btw, i'm close to you, i'm out in delta.
HAHAHA :laughing

how did i know you would be down... haha...

i just went for a quick spin around good old king george and scott road and a couple back streets... just a relaxed little burn....

its cold out there yall!!! but still fun nonetheless....

u wanna go cdn_gixxer??

i must remind you this is only my second season riding so im not as fast and furious as you....
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lets go lets go. :tredmill :tredmill

say the time and place where to meet.
form what i can see it's pretty nice/dry outside.
i'd be up for something.
(and i can ride after dark too:))
so far 3 of us....

still waiting for the go ahead to meet somewhere...... hmmmm.....
lets meet somewhere in delta.... its central for the 3 of us..... alrights... does that sound okay???
sounds good. where in delta?
up to AlphaQ - i know Delta pretty well so whatever he's confortable with....

oh yeah, i have to remind you guys too that i dont have my full license... just novice so i cant stay after dark... DAMMIT!! sorry yall.
enough talk, lets ride ride ride ride ahhhhhhhhhhh i'm going insane.... need ride fix sooooonnn :) :) :)
i just went outside to check up on the bike and is it jsut me or can anyone else feel the rain coming??
no rain out in delta right now.... still cloudy though.... suppose to rain later tonight.
post a time and place already ppl's!!!!!
well I dunno if Alpha-Q is going to come or not.

Either way, 3pm i'm gonna head down to the McDonalds Parking Lot at 72nd and King George Hwy in Surrey.
sorry guys i think im out for today.
there's a car i want to go look at :(

besides i dont know first thing about delta :(

you wanna meet tomorrow around 12?
lets start a thread for tomorrow.
yo man.

ill come by mcdix then... ill just say whats up real quick... i dont wanna be caught in the rain.... kool... see you in a bit. laters.

as for tomorrow... i htink im gonna go to the daytona party with some buddies... so i dont think i can go for a ride tomorrow. hope the weater clears up this week dammit!!!
so your not gonna go for a ride today? if not then I wont bother going....
ahhh screw it. no riding going on today :( :(

hopefully tommorrow....

SBK2001 will have to tie me over for now :)
CDN_GIXXER!!! Dude I thought you were gonna be at thje Mcdix... its all good.. i was there a bit later and then i went for a quick little 20 minute ride to the Fleetwood area.... bastard!! just joking!! are you going to that daytona party thingy tomorrow? well, maybe we can go out this week alright... laters.
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