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Michelin tires

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Well, I'm going to pick up a set of tires.. wanting a little more stickiness for the track, and I can get a KILLER deal on Michelin's (guy at work's wife works for them). I have a choice between the Pilots Sports or the Pilot Race.. I'm assuming the Sports will hold up fairly well on the track?? Anyone have any experience on this?
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Ya, I saw those in the big Tire comparo on the articles section, but I can't find them in the US/Canada. Their not even on Michelin's US/Canada website...

It's possibly we don't get 'em on this side of the pond.
Michelin Pilot Sports it is then. Should provide better traction than my D207's according to everyone and their dog anyways. :p

I'm gonna be SLOW as shit and you know it. :D

But I am so excited.
I bought the "Twist of the Wrist 2" book by Keith Code. I'm going to use special secrets from that book to go faster. :laughing

Should be fun.. I really should look into that whole trailer deal soon.
arai, according to Darcey most trailers fit 3. So it'll probably be the 3 of us in my truck.

And I have a 'deal' on a trailer hitch I'm trying to ring through.. my Dad has a buddy who is just finishing up his lease on his '98 Pathfinder (same model as me), and he bought a 'hidden hitch'.. no longer needs it.. $150. Whadya think?
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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