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Well I am in Gettysburg tonight, it is warm and sunny

I left LA last thursday morning and headed to San Diego then on to Tucson, day 2 I was at the Carlsberg Caverns, then to Lousianna

The next night I spent in Tampa then off to key west and stayed the night outside of Orlando on the way back

Big day yesterday all the way to Washington DC. I picked up a broken wrench in my tire so spent most of today getting that fixed, toured the capital and tonight am in Gettysburg.

I am off tomorrow for Madawaska Maine then to Ottaw the nest day.

Riding home after a week long business meeting

I will post my full trip report soon

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Bill is combining the Iron Butt Association's National Parks Tour,

with the Southern California Motorcyclist Association Four Corners Tour,

It's an endeavour to be admired. Bill snagged National Parks and Monuments in Alaska, BC, Alberta, and ultimately will bag over 50 Parks and/or National Monuments in over 25 states or provinces.
One of the best uses of a motorcycle, in my view.
And the 4 Corners tour?
Blaine, San Ysidro, Key West Florida and Madawaska Maine, the four most extreme corners of the contiguous states.
Gee, that's 2 great ways to use a motorcycle.
See the country, see nature in its raw finest, observe mankinds achievements, all via 2 wheels.

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Good stuff, Bill, just don't ratbag the 'wing too bad...

Sorry Vince...It is really bad already

I was riding in NYNY today did Gettysberg PA,Ford House ( george washington command centre )in NJ the Springfiled Amoury in
Mass and just arrived in Biddeford ME with the fabulous sleepy hollow motel

tomorrow Acadia National park and corner three in Madawaska]

It is starting to get cold here

So far about 5500 miles in 7 days

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Racking up the Km's, big time.

What do you think the total will be?

I am guessing about 16k on this trip. This year I figure I will top 45k in kms this year

I did this ride a pre ride for next year so I have abetter understanding of riding in the SE and around NYNY

I filled my card on my camera at the airshow for the confederate air force in texas that was a surprise

Michael was right I should have taken that last seat on the B-17 ride I already regret not doing so
I have a meeting in Ottawa next week. my route home is 100% weather dependent so MMMV

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Wll the ride to Acadia national Park was spectactulare, the night ride to Madawaska Maine was extremely cold -3 and took over 4 hours in the dark.

Tons of deer and a moose kill just ahead of me. I set the cruise at 38 MPH turned on all my lights set the XM to some Jazz and watched for deer. I arrived at midnight

Madawaska makes a huge deal for 4 corners riders, certificates, etc

Saturday I rode the 800 kms to Ottawa left after the frost was gone and arrived just at dusk.It was a gorgeous day to ride fall colours and 5 celcius except for rain in Montral. I stopped for fuel at 600 Km

Even with extralong underwear I bought at Cabella's in PA I am still cold with electric coat, heated grips and seat. More clothing is being shipped to me at this stop

Weird being back in Canada where the Harley riders for the most part don't wave

Only bikes on the road were Wing, Harleys a few BMW 1200LT's and two guys rolling east on fully loaded Ducatti ST3's

left lane Pace on 20West was 125-145 the whole way

I leave Wednesday for Vancouver and I expect I will have to cross the continent in Oklahoma.
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