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Miniracing Finale this Sunday at Tradex!

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The Pacific Coast Mini Roadracing Club is holding it's season finale race event this Sunday Oct 8th at Tradex in Abbotsford.

Qualifiers start at noon, Mains at 2:00pm.
Admission for spectators is FREE

Come out and watch some exciting, competitive racing!
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Well, you folks that may have thought about coming out to see this missed a good one. Not a lot of bikes but some VERY close racing and we all had a great time.

I'm continually amazed that despite the offers to come out and try the bikes at lunch that very few ever bother. Mini road racing is a great way to have some fun at racing for CHEAP.

Hopefully we can convert a few of you next year.
Are you the one that Mike dropped his bike off at on his way home?

Winter doesn't have to mean no fun. If you aren't the one that got the ready to run bike then get some tires on it and come out to the F440 track in Tswassen on the nicer weekends.

And sign up at www.dinkybike.com for the local mini road racing forums. We can set up the F440 days through there so that a few riders show for mutual support and chin wagging.
It's not that cheap for a drop in price. In winter it'll probably be the same as the evening price at $25. Over the summer they charged $50 for the whole day or $25 for after 6 until dark.

But you can get a membership of 15 visits for $250. These are good for evenings or all day and that works out to $16 and change a visit. And you have a year to use up the 15 visits from the date of purchase. That seems like the best and most realistic deal to me.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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