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Monday 13th - anyone?

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Anyone up for a rip today? Seems ok out there at the moment.

Time: 3pm (can be altered)
Place: Timmie Ho's on queensborough
Pace: Nothing too silly
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hmm.... maybe.... but that pace of nothing too silly worries me :p

and where is timmie ho on Queensborough? easiest way to get there if coming from Vancouver? Marine drive, West Minister Highway?
be there.... but if you don't see me by 3:05.... I've bailed.... :)
Thanks for keeping it under 200kph. Had a blast and a great supper at our second Timmies.

Just got back for a quick rest and heading back out for my daily night ride. (Discovered that I had clocked over 4000km already!! time for another oil change).

Good to meet you Scorpion.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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