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Monday, Oct. 2nd Day Ride?

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Does anyone have Monday off? My insurance expires on Wed and Monday is my only full day off before that. I want to ride during the day. Maybe Noon-3ish or so. I live in Surrey but am willing to have a meeting place anywhere in Lower Mainland.

Post up !!!
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I got something to go to in the evening...so I cant be home late. 11-3 works good too...just less sleep in time...haha
How does 11am at the Shell on 152nd and Hwy 10 sound?
Im open for destination...maybe Cypress, 264th, White Rock...whatever u guys want. I dont really care
Just because my insurance is up, doesnt mean we can't ride! ;)
the only bitch I ride is....ummm nevermind :angel :angel

Im off to sleep...see whoever is meetin me at the Shell tommorow....otherwise I am riding by myself.
Good Ride Guys! That was fun!

Apparently Mission hicks dont like us passing school buses...what morons!

"your messing with the wrong guy!" hahahahhahahahahaha
1 - 10 of 24 Posts
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