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Monday, Oct. 2nd Day Ride?

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Does anyone have Monday off? My insurance expires on Wed and Monday is my only full day off before that. I want to ride during the day. Maybe Noon-3ish or so. I live in Surrey but am willing to have a meeting place anywhere in Lower Mainland.

Post up !!!
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Good Ride Guys! That was fun!

Apparently Mission hicks dont like us passing school buses...what morons!

"your messing with the wrong guy!" hahahahhahahahahaha
weeeeeeeeeeeeeee that was fun!! long live skool bussssses!! we shoulda had Cory leading. he coulda smoked screened a clean get away!!
Good ride, good company, thanks guys :) Next project ... put that leak on a push button so the billows of smoke can cover our exit ..... :) Awesome ride and even a bit of drama to liven things up !!!

Damn, I shoulda got someone to take a picture of me degreasing that back wheel :) "What not to do..."

thanks guys, good to cya'll


EDIT: Phil hope you got back in time .. I swear we woulda had tonnes of time if the food hadn't taken quite so long :/ Blame it on the accident if you need an excuse :)
yeah that guy was whack.......and not wiggity whack either. broken yellow passing zone, skool bus not stopping not signaling a stop so fair game to pass and Mr. Severly Cracked Winshield suburban driver almost gets a boot to the front end as he comes up beisde me. then proceeds to harass Phil and Jim like WTF. "oh i'm gonna throw it in reverse" yeah try it ya fucking monkey!! "i don't use ICBC i'll just come visit you" yeah after he gets bumhumped by ICBC for backing into a few bikes. why if that corn swillin' daughter mollestin child pornographer ever tried to come visit me........i wouldn't buzz him in the front door!!
lol, good ride guys. We got a little bit of everything in our ride today.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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