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Mothers Scratch Remover

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Some lady scratched my car today when I went inside for a cup of coffee, she was trying to squeeze her fat ass past my car and her belt buckle put a foot long scratch down the side. Lucky for me the scratch wasn't that deep but it was very noticible at least to me, I'm really picky about my car.

I went to crappy tire and picked up a bottle of Mothers Scratch remover, I was just hoping it would make it a little less noticable. I used some of this on the scratch and low and behold it pretty much made it dissapear. I then applied a coat of wax over top and now I can't even tell where the scratch was. I highly recommend this product, if you got any little scratches, swirl marks or what have you pick up some of this stuff. It's not gona work miracles if you have big deep scratches, but if you can barley feel em it works wonders.
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Dude, why are you talking cars on a bike board!!!!:D :p . Good to see it worked out for ya. Did the scratch remover have a pigment or colr to it? I've got a few little scratches on my tank I need polished out.

Cool, thanks Murphy......saving money is a good thing.....more toys:D
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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