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Moto Gp Laguna Seca 07

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Mazda Raceway hosts the American Gp once again with 800cc motors.

Tickets go on sale as of November 1

Tic info at http://Laguna-Seca.com/tickets/
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I'm getting on the phone as soon as the ticket office opens.

Were shooting for the Flagroom tickets: Turn 4 Grandstand Seating
Canopied tent with closed circuit tv, paddock pass, motorcycle parking, buffet style breakfast and lunch. If the track is as hot as it was in 06 this will be a great place to see the races. Well be rubbing elbows with the rich.
We are the proud owners of seats in the Suite Turn 2 Andretti Hair Pin.

I was getting quiet concerned that they would be snatched up. Can't count how many times I phoned.

By mid afternoon the Net freed up and I purchased the tics.

Lola wanted to go for the $750 Premier Pit Row suite, but I convinced the more sensible Linda to go for Turn 2.

By the time I was able to order my tickets all the Premier Pit Row Suites and Paddock Suites had been snatched up within a four hour period.
question for you guys that ordered your tickets on the 1st... have you seen the charges applied to your credit card yet? I managed to order my tickets at like 9:30pm after I got back home from work... this is after trying to get thru all morning... that was 7 days ago and I haven't seen them charge my credit card yet... it's got me a little worried that my order won't get filled because of the issues they were having with their servers... anyone have some insight?
As long as you have a confirmation # no worries. They take there time getting organized. Your CC can sometimes be charge close to the race date.
If you ride the parade lap, PLEASE don't bin it. It causes all sorts of grief for my workers and interferes with TV schedule. Every year some idiot oils the track, or needs one of my race ambulances. It inconveniences me, and as we all know, it's all about me.

I think thats a given that someone will bin it on the Parade lap. I saw the one dude in 05 do it. You do not want to be the person binning it.
I'm about to send Linda an itnerary of a 3 week trip. Leave friday July 15, leaving more time to get to Laguna Seca

If other experienced riders would like to hookup for Cali, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyomning, Montana and Idaho. PM me.
1 - 6 of 24 Posts
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