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Moto Gp Laguna Seca 07

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Mazda Raceway hosts the American Gp once again with 800cc motors.

Tickets go on sale as of November 1

Tic info at http://Laguna-Seca.com/tickets/
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I got the premier spot in the air conditioned (kind of) control tower. I sit between the AMA starter and the FIM/Dorna dudes. All the pressure one girl can handle.
If you ride the parade lap, PLEASE don't bin it. It causes all sorts of grief for my workers and interferes with TV schedule. Every year some idiot oils the track, or needs one of my race ambulances. It inconveniences me, and as we all know, it's all about me.
(As an experienced corner worker, is there still a chance for volunteering for the '07 GP, or has the deadline (if the AMA & FIM & Dorna are involved, there must be a deadline, right? ) already passed? If there is still time to volunteer, what is the process and who would I contact? Still not 100% sure, but I want to know when I would need to commit, if there is still time.)
Heck, yes, there is time. I will PM on the details. Would love to have you aboard. WMRC corner workers are highly prized. Deb
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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