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Motorcycle Cops...

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Was sitting behind a truck on Boundary last week when a motorcycle cop pulled up next to me. I couldn't hear him at first because of my helmet+ear plugs (I was about to hit the highway) so I thought he was giving me shit at first. Turns out he was yelling something about it being a great day to be out for a ride! He then gave me some friendly advice (not stop so close behind another vehicle, that I should leave an escape route) and carried on his way.
I thought it was kind of cool that he was showing a little camaraderie and mentor-ship to a complete stranger on the street. He could have just as easily kept going...
Anyways, I thought that was interesting enough to share. Anyone else have good run-ins like that?
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occasionally i get waved at by cops .. come to think about it maybe they are trying to get me to pull me over
give a bike cop a nod as you go by him on the road, or by his radar trap, and chances are you'll get some pez back.
give a bike cop a nod as you go by him on the road, or by his radar trap, and chances are you'll get some pez back.
really? I'll have to try that
Ahh...what the hell, cops arent that bad...come to think of it--they are awesome...shit I'm gonna try to be nice to a cop today. la di da da la da........Shit, didn't see one today, oh well.
Excellent. The last m\c cop I saw threw the book at me for disobeying a sign, and he was a real prick about it.
One of the RCMP member here on the Coast is known to handout speeding tickets on a regular basis. I was commuting home one day and he was on board with a loaner police bike from Abbotsford and we talk the rest of the way. Spoke to him again another time in a ferry lineup. This time with him on his own bike and wife in the back. Very pleasant conversations really.
m/c cops are usually the biggest pricks when it comes to dishing out tickets. It's rare that you met one who didn't have a scowl on his face.
just so you guys know police bashing isn't allowed. New rule.
i've had better experience with being pulled over by bike cops than regulars.

the last one pretty much insisted i dispute my ticket, hinting he wouldn't show. let me off on a lot of stuff he could have slammed me with. i considered that as his no show and paid what little ticket he did give me.
I was pulled over for speeding by a RCMP bike cop in north Vancouver. I was going 140 in a 60 zone. He saw me shaking... I was about to cry. He looked at my KM and saw 13 km on the dash. He and smerked saying first bike?

I said yes. He let me off with a warning.. He aslo gave me shit for wearing my Air Jordons. I got some icon boots the next day! I guess he saw me shaking, and to be honest my eyes had water in them. I thanked him, and said I will never speed in his north Van again. I go to West Van now.

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If a cop is going to cut you some slack, it'll probably be a motorcycle cop. He rides and can relate to what you're doing on the road. Now on the other hand, if you've pulled some dangerous moves out there, he'll also recognize that and may fill out some VTs as it's much easier to fill in a couple of lines than have to write out an entire motor vehicle crash report.

Then again, if he doesn't own a personal bike because his wife doesn't allow to him have one, oh well, then you may just get the VT regardless...:)
If a cop is going to cut you some slack, it'll probably be a motorcycle cop.
its true, i have experianced this after bunch of us were doing stupid shit (nothing crazy) in kerisdale. This may be as it was not 'riding season', but whatever, he just checked liciences and gave a speach ... all good
If a cop is going to cut you some slack, it'll probably be a motorcycle cop. He rides and can relate to what you're doing on the road...
Hmm... didn't think about that since my experiences with them have been in the cage. I shouldn't be so quick to judge. Besides, it's a new forum rule.
You all will be amazed that every occupation has a mix of a-holes and alright guys. Personally, I'm the office a-hole. :laughing

J/k, I'm a nice guy.

Reality is though, my response to clients is directly proportional to their reactions to me. Admit mistakes, take ownership for your actions, take measures to ensure your mistakes won't happen again, things go smoothly. Become evasive, or dismissive or cop an attitude, I have no choice but to respond in a more intrusive nature.

Just something to consider.
Got pulled in W Van the other night, just running liscence checks... nice cop in a charger. Waves were exchanged as we passed him later on, while busting W Van punks for underaged drinking :laughing
Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
Hey K Vist,

I got chased by that West Van cop in that charger. That ride is fast.... But, I lost him, cut down talyor way.. then took some secret routes.

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In August I decided to take a quick detour down Robson on Friday night on way home from work just to see what all the fuss is about down there.
3 bike cops waved me over - I couldn't figure out what the hell I had done wrong, so I was plenty mystified (I got stock pipes, after all).
First Cop gets really agressive in flagging me over and yells "Let's see your Class 6 licence".
I pull my helmet, lay a big smile on him, and hand it over with a "Hey, no problem! How ya' doin' tonight?"
Cops immedialty drop the aggro personalities, and we start chatting about the nice night for biking, especially for checking out the Friday night hotties...

Guess they lay out the power trip at first just in case your an axe murderer...
I love riding with cops and just got accepted for the VPD motorcycle drill team ;)
Every MC cop should be a nice guy...those fuckers get paid to ride motorcyles!
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