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"Motorcycle Escape," mag is going defunct...

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Just got an email from a writer friend. Apparently this delicious piece of motorcycle journalism is shutting down.
Too bad really, it has spawned more than one travel fantasy for me.
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That's a shame. Hate to see any motorcycle pub. bite the dust.
Anyone remember "Twistgrip"? I think I received one issue of my subscription before it expired. It was shaping up to be a fine magazine.

I see that Dan Walsh (formerly of UK mag BIKE) is now writing for one of the mainstream MC mags (Motorcyclist? Cycle World?) so maybe there's hope for those mags.
That's too bad. The latest issue just announced they were finally available for annual subscriptions (up to this point they had been just testing the feasibility of the mag for the last year).
Can't say I've EVER heard of them.
Tough business to begin with though.
It's a shame, I have their premier issue still. It's a tough category to write for and receive an audience for. Many are frightened to ride in the rain, never mind flying out to Africa and taking in the experience.
That's too bad.

I ran into the editor at Hyder Seek 2004.

She's a great person, writer and rider.

I always enjoyed the read when I could find it.

Ah, that sucks! I just discovered this mag at my local grocery store, and am very impressed. The articles are well-written, and inspiring. I have gotten many excellent ideas for next year's touring from just one edition.
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