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Motorcycle Ranch petition

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Please sign the petition to save my mom and stepdad's Motorcycle Ranch. Feel free to pass this link on to anyone that you think might be interested in signing.


Thanks in advance!

Here is the information about the situation:

The Popkum Indian Band is denying us access to the land, and is claiming we have violated our signed lease with them in order to remove PMR, Larry and Roberta Jordan, and replace us with the Popkum Motorcycle PARK run by Darren Pilling.

Our lawyer agrees that we have not violated our lease and we have been attempting to have a dialogue with the Chief of the Popkum Band, James Murphy. He ignores our requests to meet and talk.

We have been trying to get help from Minister Chuck Strahl who is not only the federal minister for Chilliwack but also the Minister responsible for Indian and Northern Affairs. They understand what is going on but need more encouragement to help resolve this problem in a fair and reasonable manner.

Without your help, our vision of a family oriented riding facility with training and all of the full services we have within our business plan will be lost. The Popkum band, their “manager” Ken Jensen and Darren Pilling will have hi-jacked our business from us.
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done ...........
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