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I'm going to be picking up a Honda Navi in the next couple months. It's basically a scooter that looks like a motorbike, 110cc with automatic CVT transmission. I know you are able to take the Class 6 motorcycle test with it, and end up with a restricted Class 6 license, but I can't find any information about whether or not it is acceptable for the motorcycle skills test after I pass the knowledge test. It will be my only bike (other than an '86 Honda Spree 50cc) so I'm not concerned about the restrictions.

Everything that I read about the MST indicates they wanna see you use a clutch (slow ride skill), but if I've got a twist and go that's out the window.

Does anyone have any solid info as to whether or not it's acceptable for the test?

What to expect
You'll be riding in a paved lot at slow speeds. You'll need to show that you can:
  • identify the controls on your motorcycle
  • push the motorcycle (non-powered)
  • demonstrate using hand signals
  • use the side stand or centre stand
  • ride slowly and straight while using the clutch
  • slalom
  • brake
  • turn, including u-turns,three-point turns and right turns when moving
  • accelerate and decelerate (this may include shifting gears), and
  • stop suddenly in a controlled manner
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