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For the next 5 days only price drop to $1900.00

I'm taking it off from selling after last day will be Oct 21 2006

I'm selling my 1985 GPZ900r rebuilt engine from 908cc to 972cc
It was a project bike, getting bored of it now. Looking to sell it.

Here are the details
New paint job, new wiseco pistons, new intake and exhaust valves, new head gaskets, all gaskets are new, new oil, new filter, muzzy radiator fan, New rear tire, 45% front tire, modded turn signals off a buell. Selling price is at 2300obo

I have about 3600 kms on the rebuilt engine. I don't know how to post pics here but if you email me or pm me and leave me your email addy I can send you some pictures. [email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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