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Found this post on mvagusa.net.

Yeah, I was really looking forward to it. I just sold one of my bikes--still have the 996, which I love. It became my track bike this year when I figured out I was more comfortable (and faster) on it than my RC51, hence I sold the RC. Now, I want another Tamburini designed machine....

Talked to MV USA a couple days ago, and they said they expect to have 2006/2007 MV's legal in Canada in the next few months, so all's not lost!

The dealer in Detroit just got in a beautiful Silver/Red "R"......... :love:



Man, I hope this is true. I'll hold off on the 1098 deposit for a few more months.

1.rob a bank
2.competition use only complete bike across the border
3.take it to imperial
4.ride it to starbucks
all in a days work .

for a bike barely anyone has up here, seems a lot easier than modding a dime a dozen bike and loose it in a parking lot .

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LOL that's kinda nice :p But bringing it across the border would be the hard part. Either the bike is complete and the VIN is flagged as competition use only, or you have to bring it across in pieces.

A friend back east tried to bring across an old generation Tuono, tried the comp use only then get it re-inspected idea. The VIN was flagged by Customs when it came across the border and that was relayed to Transport Canada. So he had to buy another frame, and that sucks.
once the inspection is approved by icbc and the registration complete, the VIN is clean and the bike streetable. I dont know how Transport Canada would get involved unless you took it back across the border and they somehow tracked that kind of thing. i doubt it though.

some ppl just roll over and dont bother to argue a point.

When you build a custom bike you have to apply for a VIN number through Transport Canada. RIV just deals with imported bikes, not UBuilds. It doesn't matter what the title status for the VIN is, it's the fact that when brought into Canada that VIN number was deemed legal for importation for competition use only.

It's not like putting a Baha kit on a dirtbike that's already got a Canadian VIN and was sold legally in Canada according to the respective emissions policies, safety regulations, and so on. It's Customs flagging the bike as imported and flagging the VIN as competition use only. Transport Canada will not allow that bike to be registered for street use and there is no way around that combination, so he was told.

it's not like me to argue but your buddy's an idiot. it is easy to get a vin and in bc we apply for vin's through icbc. it then has to pass an inspection. it's all very easy. you might want to transport your thoughts outside the box and outside of what the government tells you.

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If all goes well I'll have a few in March. Mainly the Brutale because I like it the best.

Ohhhh, save one for me!! That's what I want once I get some f-ing serious cash flow :rockon
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