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For anyone that actually cares I thought I'd throw in an update on my Track Toy prep.

At this point the back end is all done. I've got stainless braid lines for the front brakes. All the brakes have been rebuilt. There are new shoes on the wheels and I just finished re&re'ing the carbs. Seems there was some flakes of stuff (not rust, I checked) from some gas in the recent past that got past the missing tank strainer (doh!!!) and into the carbs and caused problems.

From here it's just a case of cleaning out the tank, adding the Racetec front fork springs and new fork oil and put the body work back on. Oh, I have to fix or find a replacement for the front upper fairing.

And you may recall that I just got my leathers and spine protector. And last Sunday at the Maverick's do I put down a deposit for my place in the race school.

It's starting to look like this is actually going to happen. And watching the Daytona race didn't hurt with the enthusiasm either :D

And with Human as my umbrella "girl" I'll have plenty of reason to make a fast getaway. Have you seen him in those tight hip huggers like the other girls wear? :eek My eyes STILL haven't got back to normal........

Hopefully by later in the summer or next year at the latest a couple more of you will join in the fun.

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Sounds like its coming together. What date is the race school set for? I'm not going to be able to join you for at least a year or so until this bike is paid off. I'd like to have a dedicated track toy myself too.

Have fun Bruce.
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