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Name Stickers

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Those of you who want name stickers let me know, since it is just text and upto 10 inches in length it will cost you $5 for a pair. I have an HTML page with all my fonts on it, if you PM me I will forward it to you and you can choose the font you want. Also keep in mind that I can skew any font to give the illusion of speed even if you ride slow. :laughing

the plan is to collect orders and have them ready by next Saturday.

many colors available let me know what you want, I will try to some host post a sample of colors here.
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color samples



I don't have all these colors but most of them. I also have a sample card that shows some of there other more expensive stuff like color shift, silver one way - green another way, as well as metallics, ultra metallics, and reflective (very expensive) This stuff also works good for helmet designs.

I am picking up my new helmet Monday and will post before and after pictures.

Much cheaper alternative to paint and if you don't like it, it is always removeable.
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