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NBD - April 15

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picked up my new bike on Friday. On thursday i got a text message from dealer with a picture of my bike being uncrated.

Got to dealer early and bike was in service dept getting final touches on prep

spent the next several hours riding around. Stopped for a picture

According to the dealers there is great interest in the DCT. In fact all NC750X and Africa Twin DCT are sold out for Canada. No more until 2017.
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Congrats! Interesting bike, I'm very interested in your thoughts of the DCT. What were you riding before?
Nice, I think DCT's are pretty awesome.
Agreed DCT in manual mode is a hoot.
nice bike!
I had a CBR500R before. The DCT is really done well. All the goodness of a twist n go but with the real gear box of a standard bike. The bike has 3 auto modes, D mode is for fuel economy. It changes gears quickly and wants to be in the highest gear quickly to keep revs low.

There are 3 S (sport) modes ( S1 S2 S3) plus there is a manual mode. You can also manually change gears at any time even in auto mode. There is a down shift button on the left grip and an upshift at the front. So index finger upshifts and thumb to down shift.

was funny during riding for the first little while, i kept trying to ghost shift. Reaching for the phantom clutch lever and trying to down shift with my left foot.

have a touch of arthritis and my fingers stiffen up and get sore after clutching in traffic. Did not want to get a scooter so was glad to see Honda finally bring the NC750X DCT to Canada.
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Very cool bike Well done.

I was very lucky to get extended seat time on the Africa Twin, with DCT. Was asked for feedback especially on the DCT itself. Won't say where or when, but the system itself initially I dismissed as another over complicated gimmick. But hey, the system really works great, is a real hoot, and I can see this being fantastic on off-roading. As mentioned above, the paddle shift in manual mode is fun as hell.
Hi everyone.
I'm going to get a license and can`t understand, DCT counts as automatic transmission for the road test and you're getting the automatic transmission license or full license like for manual?

Even in automatic mode anyway manual transmission works and you are able to use clutch up/down.
Even if you will get restriction, anyway you will have access to it and you will be able to use it.
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