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Big Jim said:

The main problem with Voice activation on an FRS is that the wind noise in a helmet is loud enough to activate it.

The voice activation levels between the FRS radio's and the chatterboxes are designed for two seperate and distinct purposes..

We may be better off doing a GP with a place like BK and getting a bunch of chatterboxes..

Big Jim is right...
i own one of the newer panasonic talkabout FRS with voice activation (i got the blue coloured model without the scramble feature that the silver ones have) but the sensivity adjustment levels on those things is crappy....
i was playing around with them talking with a friend that also has one while riding our mountain bikes n the wind activated it.
n to add to the cons, FRS's have horrible range. the range they claim is a clear line of sight on a sunny day.
although i dont know much about the chatterboxes, i'm quite sure they're a helluva lot better than the FRS's since they were designed for riding. just in imo at least...
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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