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Need info on CHATTERBOXES and Similar Products!!

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Hey my friend and I are interested in getting some communication equiptment during long rides. It would fun to talk shit during a ride. "You corner slower than my mama's Navigator" .. or I think it would also come in handy when taking exists and alerting others about speed traps???

Anyways .. those Chatterboxes are expensive!!! This got me thinking about alternatives again =) I went to the futureshop website and checked out some Motorola Talkabout Radios .. they have one with VOICE ACTIVATION for $89.99 after rebate?

I was just wondering what you guys use? It would obviously have to be voice activated and hands free? Does the higher end Talkabout radios offer this function? I just want to know what others are using? The chatterbox would look cool on the helmet.

Hrm .. I am a squid for admitting this .. but I always wanted to put a BENZ style knobby antenna on the tail of my bike =) I would only put it on if it was functional =) haha .. thinking I could wire the antenna for something =)

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I want to get the chatter box, but like someone siad before, if none of ur friends have it, then whats the point??? Listen to AM radio?? althou the chatterbox, actually alow u to plug ur nokia phone into it, but i'm not too sure if it is a good idea to talk on the phone while u ride.. its ok if ur doing long trips on the hiway. but in the corners.... anyways u guys get the idea. Its advantages out weighs the dis. look at it.
yes its going to have to have wires(kev) but they are inside ur helmt, which means not visible, and looks clean. where would u put ur FRS walkie talking if u were wearing leathers??? Or even just a regular riding jacket? i hate having so many wires all over the place. I like group riding alot, and in group riding communication is very important. We can even start a new thread just talking about the art of group riding.
TRuth is that everyone rides a bit differently. for example some ppl like to tap on the breaks once in a while, or before corners when they dun really have to. the person right behind him would then think perhaps something is wrong, and slam on the breaks, and cause a whole chain reaction to the bikers behind them, since they are not aware of whats happening. But with proper communication, if there was a bogey(cops) then the first would be able to warn riders, so that they don't blast out corners on standing wheelies.
WE CAN ALL LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER is one of the most important features of chatterbox. I wouldent worry about someone talking to me if i'm in mid corner, because in freddie spencer racing school, the instructor gives u insturctions during mid corner. And if its just a comment from a friend i wouldent worry too much about it. i'm not saying u should talk back during mid corner, TALK BACK WHEN U FEEL ITS APPROPRIATE FOR UR SELF. Anyways, just my $.02. I'm going to ask my mechanic, he can get in chatterbox if u guys are thinking of doing a Goupe Purchase, i need to know how many would be INTERESTED, not necessarily mean buy. I just need to know a rough amt, so i can ask him. so plz reply, thanks guys.
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I would be interested if others that I'm going riding with are interested (of course).

It's so hard to be the first one with it.. :D
I also have no idea how much they cost.. if it's around $200 I think that would be resonable.
I'm interested.

The Chatterbox GMRS X1 is supposed to give you 5 miles but in reviews I have read it gives about 3 around town and powerlines and 4.5 out in the country.

I had spoken with BK and Carter Honda about the communicators and they both said that they do not stock them but would be happy to order. Apparently there have been some reliability issues with all of them. BK said that that when they did used to carry them (previous models, not X1 and X2) they had a 50% return rate for faulty units. They decided it was taking up too much time to keep on sending stuff back...and more importantly they did not wish to stock anything with that kind of (un)reliability.

However, there are some favourable reviews at

I'm interested but not completely sold on it.. I want all the specs and info first.

Guys, I've talked with Trevor at BK and I think we might be able to get a site group purchase going if there's enough interest.

Cell phone capability .. is something I would pay for.
LimitedEdition said:
Cell phone capability .. is something I would pay for.
Agreed. This would sell me on it regardless of how many people I know have it. Of course I'd like to see how well it works first.
id be interested in a GP too if hte specs and info are good.
I got some reply from a US distributor, and he sd he is willing to sell 6 brand new units of X1's for $179.99 plus $20 bucks each for noise reduction(optional), and shipping will be about $40 bucks all together. All funds are listed USD. With our crappy exchange rate.. works out to be rougly abit over $300 bucks for each person.
couldn't we use our cellphones to talk to each other during the ride?
there are those hands free devices (easily fit into the helmets)and most of us prob have the free weekend deal too. multiple 3way calling?
FastMickey, that is actually a pretty good price considering the cheapest I have seen it online is US$240. I think I am interested (now all we have to do is find four more suckers...assuming you are interested)


Ofcourse i'm interested man... but i'm thinking if i can even talk the price even lower..... hopefully we'll have more people be interestd...

An FYI. I talked with Trevor at Burnaby Kawasaki and mention they are very hesitant to sell these. They have sold dozens and have something like an 80% return rate.. Either people buy them and hate them or some peice is broken.

Apparently the quality of the units isn't very good. He said for $300 you should expect it to work out of the box and a high percentage don't.

He mentioned trying the "Collet" (Or something like that) or the FRS communicators from Radio Shack.. apparently he's talked with a few riders that have made these work for about $100.

IF we still want to do a group purchase he said he would. He mentioned two options.. First a discount for a group purchase, or sell them to us at his cost but they won't support (we'll have to send them back to the manufacturer for warranty).. He just mentioned the second option.. not sure if it's really possible though.

Honestly, I'd suggest some more research be done.. either on the Collet's or the FRS systems..

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