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Unless something's radically changed at ICBC, they'll usually take your bruised post-crash helmet without it being 'inspected' and they'll pay you a set -standard- amount of $300 (which, sadly, is maybe 50% of the cost of a decent helmet these days).

As for inspecting the helmet, yes there are places you can send your helmet to for inspection. I don't recall the names/addresses but if you do a search of these forums using keywords 'dropped helmet', you'll find LOTS more info on the topic ...from folks who have been in the same predicament and have done all your homework for ya. ;)

:( As much as I agree with the observation regarding the likelihood of little damage to your helmet, personally: you crashed and actually HIT something with your helmet ...so I'd suggest replacing it. Nevermind the scratches; dents are the tell-tale concern. Keep the old helmet as a spare to offer to people you don't like. :D

Here's an image to consider: If your helmet IS busted inside and you have a serious accident, your brain will splatter like jello in a leaky cup-holder. :eek. Not too attractive. :p

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