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new lid...

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hey guys...
i'm planning on getting a helmet prior to attending bike course this season... as u can see.. i'm a newbie, but i figured i could use the helmet anyways at my workplace too (go-kart track) :D....
i dont plan on dishing out many $$ for a top-o-da-line shoei or arai so i was thinkin of an HJC....CL-12 SIII to be exact....
(even though bl1tz thinks its uglay, n wants me to go for a suomy!)

dunno what to do... :confused
just wanted to hear some opinions n suggestions...
advice greatly appreciated....

heres a pic of the HJC i was thinking about.... only $US 150 @ helmetharbor (approx. $250 Cdn)
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thanx for all the plethora of tips xenz!....
i'll keep everything in mind when i go to RMS to try it on....
as for the accessories for that particular HJC, i'm not too worried cuz its quite a common model n i believe they have plenty of visors n other accessories available for it...

guess i only have to worry about fit n comfort level ... which is probably the most important thing.
i was wondering if anyone owns, or has any opnions about the HJC's in particular the CL-12 line... i know they've been quite the popular entry level lid for some time now...

btw.. your ogk looks damn nice! :cool
probably goes great with the leathers. :D
Human said:

:eek you did what ? with who ? :laughing :laughing

thats freagin hilarious human! :laughing

sorry for the delayed reply... havent been on the comp in awhile
but yea, Bluestone, i work at TBC indoor racing. n yes, locinda worked there too for quite awhile. she trained me when i was hired but she left the company shortly after. that was last summer. i didnt know she was into bikes too!

n guys, i'll remember to ask Lo about the "Action" u two did next time i see her! :roflmao

j/k :p

b1ltz: no man, i think the suomy's are a lil on the flashy n too americanized look!
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bl1tz said:
get a SUOMY GUNWIND race replica !!
there are so many to choose from......

you should wear a bicycle helmet since you want to ride a 250:D :D :D :D :itchyscra :evilgrin :evilgrin
good one bl1tz, maybe i should attach a visor in the front n carve more front n rear vents into them!! haha

btw, that locinda is kinna cute man! :D but sorry i have no pix :(
bl1tz said:

get contact lenses dude !!
less hassle
yea man, i already wear contacts now bl1tz. n i plan to as well when i ride. but i do agree with u AlphaQ... sometimes, i might have my contacts on for like 14hours n my eyeball feels like its been seasoned n fried. so the nex day i'll choose to wear glasses instead....
i've worn a helmet with glasses b4 n i know what u mean, kinnuva hassle to take of glasses, put on lid, put glasses back on through visor opening while trying damn hard to slide glass frame behind compressed ear! haha

i'll look at all the options guys... thanx a lot for your input.

btw, BigJim, thanx for m2000 rating list... i'll make sure to pick a lid with that rating. did anyone notice how many helmet manufacturers are from china!!! kinnuva shock to me.
xenz said:
The first time tried a Suomy was down at Seattle bike show, tried the XL and when I close the visor I got a feeling that it was almost touching my nose, but I like their style though, end up reading more post on SBN and people suggest trying out OGK; they mention Suomy is more like a Shoei head and OGK will be most likely fit an Arai head.
btw, what exactly is the difference between a shoei head and an arai head??
ovalness... longness??
bl1tz said:
arai's are made in japan:)
i'll prob get contacts but i dunno, if you have the visor flipped up and your wearing contacts..:confused :confused

right now im wearing these oakley prescription glasses when i ride, they slip right into the helmet cause they don't have the ear hooks.

who's in for a helmet gb?
i really need a new one cause i have my crashed arai and a passenger one, need a new one for myself.

who says u gotta lift up the visor when u got glasses?
anyways.. its not always about the look. but u got a point bl0tz... oh sorry ... i meant b1ltz :laughing :p
:hopmad (back me up bluestone!)
it would look kinda weird having glasses under helmet.

but i'm definitely interested in your idea of a group buy for helmets man...
but do we all have to end up getting same make?!? forget the suomys!
n only if its under 4 bills cuz i only need a starter helmet now.
dont need no fancy schmancy top o' da line lid that some superbike racer is wearing. (unless its in my price range..hehe :D )
bl1tz said:
your out of my group buy until you decide to get a nice helmet AND a real bike:D :D :D :D

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA:laughing :laughing
alrite then....
gimme your definition of a NICE helmet... n a REAL bike....
besides, the reason i wanna start on a smaller bike is cuz i really wanna push that thing to the limits n train hard on it!:tredmill

then when i move up to the 600 class... with the knowledge n skills that i would have confidently gained on the 250, i'll run circles around u on the track boy!!!
Kit said:
I have shoei RF 900 orbit and a Suomy Ben Bostrom LC

they both fit me pretty good and i have a round head, kinda big also, haha i wear a large

shoeis tend to fit rounder heads better and arais fit more narrow heads, i wear a large shoei and suomy and they go on well

the large arai squeezes the side of my head,

so you really have to try them on like everyone says, and IMO spend money on a good helmet, this is your head were talking about,

ps - whats wrong with my suomy:)

if what u'r saying about the arai n shoei head sizes is correct kit, i should be looking towards an arai then... my head is pretty narrow n long... except for my puffy messy hair:laughing
but i actually like the graphix on shoeis a little better than arais...
i think its more creative n varied. but arais are still definitely good helmets.

n oh... i dont think anything is wrong with the bostrom suomy lid, its just not my kinnda style... just a liil too americanized (imo) ofcourse... :D
bl1tz said:
but whatever you do, make sure you go to RMS and try on their gear before buying online, just to make sure your head is really narrow/round shaped like you believe
will do b1ltz. thanx....
btw, does BurnKawi have a good selection on helmets too??
i know RMS has quite a few.
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