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new lid...

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hey guys...
i'm planning on getting a helmet prior to attending bike course this season... as u can see.. i'm a newbie, but i figured i could use the helmet anyways at my workplace too (go-kart track) :D....
i dont plan on dishing out many $$ for a top-o-da-line shoei or arai so i was thinkin of an HJC....CL-12 SIII to be exact....
(even though bl1tz thinks its uglay, n wants me to go for a suomy!)

dunno what to do... :confused
just wanted to hear some opinions n suggestions...
advice greatly appreciated....

heres a pic of the HJC i was thinking about.... only $US 150 @ helmetharbor (approx. $250 Cdn)
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get a SUOMY GUNWIND race replica !!
there are so many to choose from......

you should wear a bicycle helmet since you want to ride a 250:D :D :D :D :D :D :itchyscra :evilgrin :evilgrin
just go to richmond motorsports and try on their helmets then order off the net
mospeed21 said:

b1ltz: no man, i think the suomy's are a lil on the flashy n too americanized look!
get a suomy man !!
just don't get the bostrom LS cause that's the americanized one right?
there's still a ton of others to choose from.
i need to get a suomy this season too
AlphaQ said:
dude make sure you wear a helmet for like 10-15 minutes.
until the padding compresses you might get incredible headaches after wearing the helmet. Everyone told me that the helmet should fit snugly. Both large and medium fitted me fairly well so i went with the snugger medium which i regretted for a few weeks. it's ok now though :)

Another thing is, do you wear glasses? If you have to take your helmet off and on, and you do wear glasses consider one of these helmets where the whole front swings up, not just the shield. Mine doesn't and it's damn invconvinient sometimes. Take off the glasses, put on the helmet, put on the glasses...

anyway hope this helped.


oh yeah i got the extra cheapie Xpeed from Burnaby Kawasaki for 130 bucks :)

get contact lenses dude !!
less hassle
arai's are made in japan:)
i'll prob get contacts but i dunno, if you have the visor flipped up and your wearing contacts..:confused :confused

right now im wearing these oakley prescription glasses when i ride, they slip right into the helmet cause they don't have the ear hooks.

who's in for a helmet gb?
i really need a new one cause i have my crashed arai and a passenger one, need a new one for myself.
your out of my group buy until you decide to get a nice helmet AND a real bike:D :D :D :D

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA:laughing :laughing
get a helmet with graphics, and start off on a 600 !!
you know you want to......:D
but whatever you do, make sure you go to RMS and try on their gear before buying online, just to make sure your head is really narrow/round shaped like you believe
since everyone's in the market for a new helmet this season, why don't we all wait a while and try to get a GB together from a local shop like bk... good idea?
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