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New Rider....with old bike probs

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last night i started up my xs 650 yand it just kinda chugged along at super low rpm's and would backfire when i was trying to accelerate. when i did accelerate it would hesitate and so i couldnt drive it had to leave it where it was.....any ideas? I've ridden dirtbikes since before my balls dropped but have never had this problem with my first street bike..
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Probably have either old bad gas or crap in the carbs....look on the side of each carb and there should be a screw at the bottom / side of the float bowl...use a good fitting screwdriver and open each one till a bit of gas flows out...then try running it...also if it runs better with the choke on and this drain thing didn't work you may need to pull the carbs and have them cleaned
clogged pilots jets sounds like , they unscrew from the bottom with a small screw driver after you take the float bowls off, they work from idle to about 3 k -4 k rpm on that bike i would say .good luck ride safe
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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