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BMatthews said:

Then stay with the stock chain size (that 520 or 530 or whatever your's is) but get a REAR sprocket 2 or 3 teeth BIGGER. This means a new chain but it sounds like you're replacing the whole lot thanks to wear anyway. Right?

If you're just wanting to try it out then cheaply then get a FRONT sprocket only that is one tooth SMALLER. Put it on with the existing chain and rear sprocket and just adjust the tensioner.

Assuming you have roughly a 1:3 front/rear tooth count ratio like most then the one tooth down in the front is the same as 3 up in the back.

Your cruise rpms will be a little higher for any given speed but the acceleration will be better and it *should* give you a bit more for wheelies. Don't expect 2 gear midrange rollon wheelies though. It's just no going to happen with a Kat. Even first gear ones will still need a couple of tricks probably. Like a quick off-on to bounce the front and stuff like that.

It's not a liter bike after all :flip

:laughing thanks!! :) it's all about the skill, not the engine volume...right :p
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