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Hello all!

I met a ton of very cool and fun BC riders at this years SBW, especially the after paryt-ers at the Westridge in Osoyoos. I am wondering if anyone knows Craig who rides an 06 ZX-10, black and/or Trish, who rides an 06 CBR-1000RR, yellow/blue? Maybe they are on this board, but I really would like to get back in touch with them about doing a magazine article.

After that weekend I am ready to defect to BC, what a great time on some roads I have been riding for 20 years. (I currently ride a Streetfightered 05 ZX-10). So who can direct me to the link to add pictures?

Great forum here, Cheerio!

Ben, aka ZXtasy

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Welcome to BCSB, enjoy the forum.

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Ben, it was nice to meet you and your buddies that night! You'll have to join us next year - same time, same place. Westridge is where the real partying happens :thumbup

Let me know if you still need Trish & Craig's contact info. I can PM them to you.

-Jess :flashy
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