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Hey guys,

I just passed my MSA test today. I was very happy and excited and I started my bike tonight and planned to go for a night ride with my gf. My bike started beautifully, one hit on the start and the engine came on. I put on the choke to start the bike and warmed it up a bit. I eased off the choke as the bike warmed up, had it a neutral. Then, I left it ideled for around 2 mins when I was helping my gf with starting up her bike (it hasn't been ran for a bit) then when as I was going to start up my bike, I accidently shift to 1st gear with the kick stand on so the bike stalled.

Here is the problem, when i try to start the bike, no lights, signals came on. That's so weird! The bike ran fine for the last few weeks and suddenly this happened.
I checked the battery and it was fine. I also try checking the voltage as I switched the key to "on" position. It showed a sign of drainage. So I charged up the battery and bit and try again.

Still no lights, signals watsoever. Then the weirdst thing was, it lighted up once after a few tries. So i tried to start the bike. As soon as I hit the start button, a "click" sound was made and everything just went dead again.

I tried pulling on the cords and everything seemd to be in tight. <sigh>
I am so sad guys, I was looking so forward to go riding after my MSA test.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can read my whole damn story and perhaps help me out...

:surrender :surrender :surrender

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The fact that you could charge it up and then it seemed OK until you tried to start it tells me that most likely the battery is toast. It may have been on it's last legs over the past little while and the cooler weather recently as well as you not riding in the rain may have been the last straw.

· Riding in the rain
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Hey guys, thanks for all the help.

Somehow I managed to get the bike started again.
Here is what I did:
I took out the battery, put it back in
Check the fuse box, took out the "ignition" fuse, and swapped it with the "headlight" fuse.

Put everything back together, and the bike works just fine?
Weird isn't it?

I am really surprised that I have 2 fuse box tho. Thanks Vili

Teetee, I couldn't recognize you since you changed your avatar, hah~

Thanks everyone!
O yea, and John, I got my MSA, so let's go riding some time eh~?
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