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No Netural, Oil, Signal lights....

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Hey guys,

I just passed my MSA test today. I was very happy and excited and I started my bike tonight and planned to go for a night ride with my gf. My bike started beautifully, one hit on the start and the engine came on. I put on the choke to start the bike and warmed it up a bit. I eased off the choke as the bike warmed up, had it a neutral. Then, I left it ideled for around 2 mins when I was helping my gf with starting up her bike (it hasn't been ran for a bit) then when as I was going to start up my bike, I accidently shift to 1st gear with the kick stand on so the bike stalled.

Here is the problem, when i try to start the bike, no lights, signals came on. That's so weird! The bike ran fine for the last few weeks and suddenly this happened.
I checked the battery and it was fine. I also try checking the voltage as I switched the key to "on" position. It showed a sign of drainage. So I charged up the battery and bit and try again.

Still no lights, signals watsoever. Then the weirdst thing was, it lighted up once after a few tries. So i tried to start the bike. As soon as I hit the start button, a "click" sound was made and everything just went dead again.

I tried pulling on the cords and everything seemd to be in tight. <sigh>
I am so sad guys, I was looking so forward to go riding after my MSA test.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can read my whole damn story and perhaps help me out...

:surrender :surrender :surrender
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Ya, batteries can be like that. Good one day, complete toast the next. Maybe you can try swapping your gf's battery to see if it starts.
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