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Oct 5- 'Loops Thursday Ride: Savona

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Ohhhh deary me!

Bring your woolies, heated vests, scarves and toques....

Weather pending of course
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Oh right on, time to take out the old cb lol. Ill be there weather pending lol.
maybe i'll bring out the old CM... 450.... guys? ...guys?
hell no! SV4LIFE booyeah

i'll be quiet now.

see you then
...just got out of the hospital from having my appendix removed. have fun y'all. I'm saving myself for the black eyed peas in vancouver friday night!
Luke buddy take the old honda haha.
peaches! I heard you were in the hospital. how you feeling now... I gather since you didn't mention it when I called that it was unexpected. Sorry you missed dinner on Sunday.... We all hoped you would be out and about soon. Have to catch up soon.

Oh yeah and I will be there thurs. Think I will have my fleece in!
Starnack Yeah it takes a floor full of student nurses to keep me away from a barbeque and vodka bevvys. Sorry I missed the party, you could have a "peaches lives" party and we could find some young maids and have a sacrifice..in the hotub...ya thats it. Seriously, it burst monday and it took them till wed night to figure it out. sorry I couldnt make it.
Where are we going to eat tonight?
i vote for back in kamloops. i'd rather get all the daylight riding we can, then eat at a decent place rather than eat mediocre food and have lots of night riding.

just my opinion. you know i'm just a follower.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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