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odo reading to Pemberton??

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OK went for a ride to Pemby this morning. I know my speedo is out and Ihave since added a SpeedoHealer. I have tried the calculations they suggest and even the speeder-readers on the hwy at EagleRidge in WVan. I thought I was close but my odo read 127.3km on my return trip. Anyone know the km to Whistler from NVan or to Pemby from NVan? maybe from a gas fill at Westview Esso?

Great ride except for the cold. BCTV news this morning said Whistler was 2.1 degrees at 6:30am. So I left at 7:30.
Frost at the golf greens at the village, Nick north but the roads were sweet. Pemby was warm & sunny. Due to time and the thought of frost on the upper sections of the Duffy Lake road, I decided to turn. (Was thinking of a u turn at the salt sheds but not today)
Not many bikers out on my return. but a Great Big Thanks!! for the group who gave me the slowdown signal @ Lions Bay. White WVan Charger on the side of the dual lanes justa waitin'!! that was the only popo I saw.
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