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Offroad school?

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Hey guys,

I know there are riding classes for riding on the street, but is there anything similar for offroad riding? I ride an enduro and love heading out into the bush, but sometimes it feels like I'm being ridden more than me riding the bike, and thats frustrating. I'd love to get some tips and practice in from pros without feeling like a doofus asking how to ride, and I'm the first in my family and friends to ride in the dirt so there's no help there either.

Anywhere I can look? Or should I just go out, thwack it and fall down, and not do that again until something else makes me fall down, repeat... ?
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Check this out,

I've been hosting a ride that has increased the riding level of more than one person. IF your not a complete newbie, then this might be a good solution for you.

I can offer lots of tips as to what you might be doing right or wrong, but first you have to be 100% comfortable on the bike, and have the controls of the bike worked into your reflexes.

Jon Mutiger
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