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oil change

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You know i was thinking the other day, there has to be a better way of filling the bike back up with oil after a change than putting in oil until the dipstick says full, then running it and topping it off. Im sick of doing it so I was wondering if anyone knows exactly how much oil a 2004 r6 takes to save me from the long ass time it takes to change my oil.

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Not sure about the Yammy's, but my gixxer has the capacity stamped right on the crank casing. Be sure to add a little more if you replace the oil filter. Do you not have the 'window' to view oil level?
For a 2006 its 3.59 Lt with a filter change....only 2.8L for 2004 .....
3.59 Lt with a filter change.... usually about 3.3 without filter change.

hope you're jokin cuz r6's only take 2.8L.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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