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Which jacket to buy?

  • Spyke Dodger

    Votes: 8 72.7%
  • Alpinestars P1

    Votes: 3 27.3%

Ok, which jacket?

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Jacket No.1
Spyke Dodger
Apparently only 10 of each size and each color are coming to North America this year, which should make this jacket fairly rare. It has perforations here and there, and has a removable liner. I'd order it from Kneedraggers online probably. For either jacket I'd also get a back protector which both of them will accept.

The speckles are from the scan, not sure why they showed up, odd paper used in the catalog I guess.
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Jacket No.2
Alpinestars P-1
The jacket differs slightly from the 2pc suit jacket. It looks a lot better I think. It's also perforatted, not sure if it has a removable liner or not. Please keep in mind the picture quality is a lot better of this one, and the other jacket looks quite sharp as well.

I'd probably buy this on my road trip to LA in the beginning of April to ensure a good fit. For the Spyke, I've tried other Spyke jackets on so I'm sure of a good fit.

Comments welcome.
buy a suit so you can come with me to the track instead:)
This is in addition to the suit. Just a regular everday kinda jacket, and I'll pick up some textile pants with protection as well.. I've been looking at the Aerostitch stuff, or Spyke also has a nice set of textiles.. I'm more or less sold on either the Spyke T-Shield, or if I suddenly decide that's too expensive I'll get the Spidi Hook for a 1pc suit.

And yes I'm coming to a track day with the R6. Defintetly. But I'm going to save a little coin and build myself a race bike / wifes first bike in order to actually push it at the track and not have to worry about pitching it as much.
personally I like the look of the alpinestar. Your getting a suit AND an "everyday" leather set, AND a racebike? :D wow, spoiling yourself a little are ya?

A little.. ;)

I can justify the bike anyways, as the wife will be riding it, and I won't have the huge fear of dropping it like I do with my current bike.

I have no problem with spending money on gear. Especially after reading and watching all the horrible things I've heard. I probably could just buy one of these jackets and some leather pants and zip 'em together... BUT, I do plan on doing some more spirited riding this Summer and some longer trips so the full leathers I think would be awesome, not to mention the track day(s) with Kit.

The Alpinestars look a little more slick, not too flashy are they?
heheh hopefully you're wife will see it that way. Imagine the other way around, "honey I'm just gonna take your r6 for a spin, you don't mind if I drop it or beat it up a little do you?" :D

Ahh.. young grasshopper. You have far to learn.

You see, this is how I set the stage:

"So, it's probably a really good idea if we get a bike your not scared of dropping for your first bike, so I was thinking to meet both our needs, I'll buy us an older CBR 600 F2/F3 and we'll race prep it so that I can go racing with it, but you can still ride it around town -- then after were done buying our house later this year and everything's squared away we'll save up to buy me a new bike and you can have the R6".

It's SUCH a sweet deal for me, and she gets to ride a racebike (which IMO is pretty cool, because once they're done up and stickered up I think they look dope).
You just watch it, your gonna get her on the bike and shes gonna love it and go hardcore and start racing on her own and not let you within 10 feet of her new pride and joy. Then when your looking to upgrade at the end of the year she beats you to it and your stuck with her old track bike :D

Ya, that's a concern. ;)

She's pretty much in love with the R6 though, and she knows it's the bike to get so she'll be happy with it if and when she 'moves up'.
spyke would be my choice(i'm a little biased:cool)... how the wheelin and dealin on the suit go?
Does both jacket got those all-around zipper ? I'm more towards the Spyke one. Nutural color for any bike.

absolutdm said:
Ahh.. young grasshopper. You have far to learn.

It's SUCH a sweet deal for me, and she gets to ride a racebike (which IMO is pretty cool, because once they're done up and stickered up I think they look dope).
Good plan Master... but wait till you see your wife accidentally drop the fully done up, sticker everywhere, moded and tuned, preped-for-one-whole-month race bike. :p :p :p
All that silver colored leather............. Boy, and you guys thought my new racing leathers looked like Power Ranger material :rolleyes

Call me old fashioned or call me conservative but be sure to call me for a ride.......... :D
I like the Spyke myself. I like black gear though:D .
I voted for Alpinestars because I think it looks better and I don't like the silver on the Spyke.
Spyke looks OK, Alpine stars looks much better, and let's face it, you don't have a sweet looking motorcycle if you wanna just look OK.
Actually the alpinestars jacket is more exclusive. Alpinestars is only available in Canada for Boots and Gloves. But I hear that Richmond Motorsport is getting the jackets this year. Otherwise, you'll have to buy from the states.:D
i say, get the P1's cuz if this is gonnabe your "around town" jacket, n u'r gonna have a seperate suit for track stuff, u might as well get a jacket that looks nice, but still be able to blend in with your bike n clothes. the spyke doesnt do any of that at all with all of its (as BM puts it) "power ranger silver" everywhere...it will look too much like your suit!
the P1 is a nicer all around jacket imo....:D
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