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I have a 2003 drz400s. No complaints so far. Husquavarna makes a nice bike but you can almost buy 2 drzs for the price of a husky. A drz is like a civic in my opinion. Just change the oil and ride forever without spending a fortune. Cheap to fix, easy to work on.. 16000kms and no problems. Tons of knowledge and resources on them. Been around for 7 years now. Look at thumpertalk.com for everything you need to know about the DRZ.

The bike has super cheap insurance, great on gas, more than enough power to function. There is a huge aftermarket for the bike as well. Liquid cooled, hydro brakes, elec start, not gutless.

The major drawback to the drz is the weight. Depends what your riding style is. Obvisouly there are better bikes out there but it depends on what you want.

The Husky retails at $7999 that's within a few bucks of the DRZ

If your going used give Roger a PM . He's selling his DRZ 400s for a good price and it's in great shape. DRZ's are a good bike they do nothing spectaculer but everything well. When they first came out they got bike of the year awards. They are reliable and handle fine for dualsport ripping. But you will be spending about $1000 to $2000 making it go faster. Almost everyone does.
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