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???ordering Parts From The Us???

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Has anyone ordered an exhaust from the states over the web and not paid a duty charge. If so, how? If yes, how much did you pay and what was the price of the pipe? I ordered a pipe through my dealer and they shipped the wrong one. Turns out they don't have the one I want in stock. So I want to order one from either Parts411.com or kneedraggers.com. Do any of you guys have any experience with either of those companies. I ordered a fender eliminator from Competition Werkes in Oregon. I got raped on the duty and handling charge. It ended up being about double the original price, so I am hesitant about doing this again.
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FYI on the letter carrier..

I live 2 minutes from Point Roberts, and apparently (I have no first hand knowledge of this) the Canadian side has wisened up a bit and are doing far more random searches. It's also very hard to use the "I've been down here for a few days..." It's Point Roberts.. where ya gonna stay? and why!? :p

As far as I know, if you're caught trying to smuggle, not only could you face a fine, they might just impound (and confiscate) your vehicle! :eek

absolutdm said:
I haven't heard of people getting they're vehicle impounded, generally you just have to pay the taxes on the stuff, worst case I've heard they just keep whatever your trying to 'smuggle' back. :tredmill
I'm not saying it happens often.. I do know of two guys that had their cars impounded.. but I also don't know what kind of history they had.

I'd assume that normally it's just a slap on the wrist..


You could just order the stuff to Letter Carrier and then declare. Then you end up doing it legally, paying some GST and no brokerage fees..

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