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Other Canadian bike forums?

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Are there any other good Canadian bike forums?

I'm just a student, so I'm still just a dreamer and can't afford to ride yet. I've been reading this forum for 2-3 years, I've got a sickness for getting as much information as I can about things I like. 2 years ago, I moved to Toronto for school, but I never stopped reading this forum because it's always nice to read about the things happening back home.

Now I have a problem. In my quest for biking knowledge, I've been having trouble getting information on things like motorcycle courses, insurance, good roads, etc in my area. So I'd love to find another Canadian or Ontario biking forum to read on the side. Anyone know of any? Thanks :)
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Have to agree, I have yet to find another Canadian forum as informative as this one :(
If you want to make contacts and find nice roads around Quebec:

Their track days are much cheaper than Mission, FYI. (Or should I say the one in Mission is too expensive?)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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