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Invaluable for travelling. At the beach, smart people don't leave their keys, wallet, $800 phone, in a shoe but take them with them into the water. I put mine on a lanyard with a mini carabiner. Fits passports and definitely two phones. I took a pic with an iphone and keys in it.

Waterproof up to 90 feet for 30 minutes
Tough polycarbonate construction
Stainless-steel hinge and latch pins
Interior foam liner
Easy open/durable latches
Pressure release slot
Lock holes: 0.1875” (3/16”) diameter
External dimensions: 8.315” L x 5.086” D x 2.56” T
Internal dimensions: 6.89” L x 3.70” D x 2.01” T

USD $40 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/OtterBox-3250-USA-Drybox-Color/dp/B00Z7SWZYE/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=otterbox+3250&qid=1595370422&sr=8-1

USD $60 in Ebay: NEW OtterBox Drybox 3250 Series Rugged Waterproof Crushproof Hudson BLUE 54436 | eBay
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