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From my own experience:
Don't cover it with a plastic tarp by draping it over the bike.
1/ the breezes will move the tarp, and it will scuff paint/finish.
2/ the tarp will lock in moisture under it, making for an more humid storage environment.
Here's my suggestions:
1/ fuel stabilizer
2/ remove battery and store inside, charging ocassionally to keep it topped up.
3/ wash the bike, wax, and lubricate the cables/joints as you usually would.
4/ ball up aluminum foil, wrap up the ball in a rag, and close up the exhaust and intake. (rodents dont' like to chew on the aluminum)
5/ then ignore the bike, don't start it mid way through, just leave it. it's going to bet dirty, and cold, but that's all. Dirt on it's outside wont' hurt it. The cold doesn't hurt it. And frankly, the cold in Vancouver is not like the cold in the Okangan, or my friends in Prince George, or my buddy in Alaska, who also stores bikes outside.
Come spring, charge up the battery, give it a wash, spin it over to move some oil around, and then start it. A check of the tire pressure and you're good to go.
I haven't been one to elevate the bike if it doesn't have a center stand, I've not had one single tire go "flat," on the bottom or go out of round.
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