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painting rims

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Can anyone suggest a shop to have my wheels painted that won't cost $300 to $400. Seems really steep for just painting a set of wheels.

I have been told by a number of shops I can't powdercoat because they are magnesium.
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Borderline's too busy at the moment.
I might have to.
last time I painted it with that appliance paint. it worked ok but not really as hard as I would have wanted. I didn't clear coat so that could have been my problem.

what paint did you use?

it's going from black to white so will I need to prime it first since it's hard to cover over the black?
if I can't find an affordable painter then I will do it myself again.
they are magnesium rims so powdercoaters won't touch them.
I paint rims....however I can only offer one colour: white...
white is what I am after.

If I get someone to do it, I want the old paint stripped off and have the rims resealed.
if I do it my self I was going to just paint over the old color.

have you work with Magnesium rims before?
It's a NSR. The SP version comes with Mag/aluminium wheels.
the paint job for the wheels are worth almost as much as the bike.
your bike only worth $300?
give or take a little.
you'd be surprized at how cheap they are in asia.
1 - 9 of 21 Posts
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