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Panel & Hard Bag Repairs

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I’m doing some repair and maintenance on the body panels and hard case covers for my BMW 2003 K1200GT. Does anyone know of a source for the dark blue metallic paint used on this series and year of bike? BMW is very thorough, so I can probably find a paint code if necessary.
Also, I may need some help with the fiberglass repair work on one of my side cases. Can anyone recommend a shop or competent home business for this kind of work? I would consider buying a good used right side case if one is available.
I live and work in Langley, so the closer the better for any shops or paint sources.
So far I’ve been directed to local auto body shops for having paint mixed from a sample – no luck yet, but they will paint the panels at $500 to $600 each panel, but no touch-up paint and no fiberglass repair work.
Any suggestions or helpful thoughts are appreciated.:surrender
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Lordco can mix you spray bombs in any colour as long as you provide the paint code.
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