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Panel & Hard Bag Repairs

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I’m doing some repair and maintenance on the body panels and hard case covers for my BMW 2003 K1200GT. Does anyone know of a source for the dark blue metallic paint used on this series and year of bike? BMW is very thorough, so I can probably find a paint code if necessary.
Also, I may need some help with the fiberglass repair work on one of my side cases. Can anyone recommend a shop or competent home business for this kind of work? I would consider buying a good used right side case if one is available.
I live and work in Langley, so the closer the better for any shops or paint sources.
So far I’ve been directed to local auto body shops for having paint mixed from a sample – no luck yet, but they will paint the panels at $500 to $600 each panel, but no touch-up paint and no fiberglass repair work.
Any suggestions or helpful thoughts are appreciated.:surrender
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Hey Thanks guys,

All good suggestions, and I'll check out each one.

Haven't checked on the bag parts yet, but I was told they no longer offer paint thru local dealers.

I'll post again as I check out your ideas......Thanks.
I understood that Lordco could color match too, but the other day I checked it out and "the paint guy" at the counter told me only for automotive paint - not motorcycles.
He was supposed to be the paint expert at the main branch on 96th Ave. in Langley so.....??? I thought paint was paint - is car paint really different from bike paint? If so,
maybe someone could tell me why?

As for the rest of the problem:

I've decided to purchase the bike-side half of the case since it was damaged. That's made out of tough plastic and not painted. The other half is painted fiberglass, and
you don't want to buy that 'cause they quoted me about $700. The motorcycle shop guy couldn't believe it either - he thought it was a mistake - but no that's BMW's price.
So, I'm going to refinish the one I have.

Thanks "fishbine" for the color code (couldn't find it in the manual but have since found several references online) and the suggestion of "colorrite" which I think I'll try.

But I'm going to checkout Bike FX, especially after reading the other thread "Motorcycle painting" - it seems this bike painting is a hot topic.

Thx for all the info and replies.
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Thanks 'synchro'. Yeh, I considered eBay, but decided to buy the inside shell from a BMW dealer and refinish and repaint the outside half (which BTW, I’m told, isn’t fibreglass).

I know you’re right, 'Commuter Boy', about the uv changing the color. So the best option is probably to have the whole thing done right by the Bike FX guy. But I’m just not ready for that cost right now.

So, I going to try a temporary fix and see if I can live with that - it should be fun learning some new skills and Bike FX is always there to save the day.

FYI for those who maybe struggling with a similar problem:

1. Colorrite in California has the right paint, but will charge $62.99 USD to ship it to Canada (plus duty).

The place to get a paint spray can made which matches your bike color is Concept Finishes in Richmond BC. They’re at #105 - 11211 Bridgeport Road, 604-279-0995. They can match car paint by the color code, but for motorcycles, they need a sample (I gave them a small hand shield panel) and a couple of days to match it - but at $29.95 per can, I’m happy. They’re even going to send it to their Langley store so I can pick it up.

2. If you want the pro-job, as posted above by 'the newf', you can contact him at 604-710-2948. He needs you to make an appointment before you take your suff in, but he was able to give me a ball-park price over the phone.

Hope it’s ok I put all this info in this post - I’m just trying to save others the slow process of finding some of these places, if they don’t already know about them.

Thanks for all the replies, I’ll let you know how the paint job turns out.
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