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Parts Canada edmonton race - BCSB ride ?

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Who would like to go see a Parts Canada Superbike race ?

i would definitely like to go....by bike !!!

Parts Canada Superbike Championship


June 15-16
Namao Airport
Edmonton, AB
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I'd be up for anything like that. Which track is better though?

June 7-9
Race City Motorsport Park
Calgary, AB

June 15-16
Namao Airport
Edmonton, AB

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I have no idea, but I think the Motorsport one was recently repaved and allows for much higher speed....or was that the mosport track ?
That's an awfully long way and the roads are horrible when you're clear of the Rockies. I rather go see the World SBK round at Laguna Seca in July. Better roads down with guaranteed good weather. Also, we get to see the top riders and teams.
my only concern is USD$$ Vs. CDN$$$ :( :(
Human said:
my only concern is USD$$ Vs. CDN$$$ :( :(
You make a strong argument, Kimosabee
How far of a ride is Seca ? and how much are AMA tickets ? anyone know ?
I don't know about the AMA specifically, but the grandstand fee for the World Supers is only $9.00!!! It takes about three days to ride down to Monterrey, that's two overnighters on the way down and stay the third night in Monterrey.
If you want accomodation for WSB at Laguna Seca, you should book early. The group I am going with booked motel rooms in December, before they jacked up the rates.
i'm sure there are camp grounds around there, right?
that's gonna be one heck on a long ride:tredmill
Yes, there are camp sites at the track. I'm not sure what time practice starts, but I am sure you can forget about sleeping in!

Anyway, probably best to book early if you want a camp site.
I'll be staying with relatives if I go, so no probs with the price gouging.:D
Depends which way you go.

2195kms if you I-5 it. More if you take the scenic route. I got in for free last year but I'm sure a 3 day pass, General Admission was around $50 US and another $15 for a paddock pass. You can get general admission at the Shell stations in Monterrrey. At least you could last year. Laguna Seca has a website with all the info.

Don't bother paying for a grandstand seat cos the track has all kinds of vantage points you can walk around to. Just before the corkscrew is an excellent place to watch. They're at full throttle and you can hear the engines bouncing off the rev limiters.

I'm riding to the Calgary race this year. Ifyou leave an extra day early there's plenty of nice roads to ride through.

It'd even give your bikes a chance to blow out all the carbon from riding in the city all the time:D
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Re: Depends which way you go.

Dirtybill said:
2195kms if you I-5 it.
that's approximately 2-3 days?
As far Calgary or Edmonton, I would go to Calgary. And I have to say I take a little offense to that top riders and machines comment. Did you see Clint McBain and Jordan Szoke down in the California Speedway race. Both placed very well in several classes, good canadian boys! And as far as I know there are quite a few well kitted bikes in the Canadian Superbike Series as well. Don't get me wrong I would love to go to Laguna, but why bother when you can get great racing action in Calgary. And the only shitty part of the ride IMO is the last hour, and that can be done alot quicker than an hour if you wick it up.
Just my thoughts on the matter.
Ditto gsxr6racer

I take offense to us not having top notch racers as well. Ever heard of Steve Crevier? He only won the AMA 600 Supersport crown and constantly got podium finishes that year on an outclassed TL1000R. John Cornwell use to race in the Canadian Series as well. He works for Ohlins Suspension and advises GP teams on suspension tuning. How about Miguel Duhammel?

I guess you weren't around when Westwood was running?

Gary Goodfellow beat Kevin Schwantz in the Trans Atlantic match races. Canada has some of the best riders anywhere. Sadly there's no support for them. That's cos some people don't know any better.

Why do Canadians always put their own down?
Hu99 said:
Also, we get to see the top riders and teams.
I didn't see this as slagging Canadian riders and machines. My understanding was that there is sort of a hierarchy when it comes to superbike racing series. Many countries have their own superbike series (I know Canada, the US, Britain and, I think, Australia do and I'm assuming that there are others) and then "above" that is the "world" or international series. I always thought that the world series arguably has a higher calibre of competition than the "national" series (regardless of the country), don't they? (I'm not necessarily saying that the racing is any better though at the world level.) I mean they always talk about promising "national level" riders "moving up" to the world superbike series (e.g., like Nicky Hayden, most recently), so by his comment isn't Hu99 just acknowledging that this hierarchy exists?

Personally, I think it would be way cool to see any national or international level superbike or supersport racing and the deeper the field the better.

Just my two cents.
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Between Calgary and Edmonton, I would choose Calgary,better track,better venue all round.

I was around when Duhamel,Pecott,Crevier,Goodfellow,and a local named John Palmer were racing at Westwood and at that time ,it didn't get any better than that, I miss Westwood!
One of the only tracks built to run both ways on? Why don't people do this anymore,make a track you can run both ways on?
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