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Some weird shit going on like an episode of My Name is Earl.

My buddy recently bought my pristine bone stock CBR 900. Low kms, babied, synth oil only, etc. I kept my other bike, the slower, heavier, ugly streetfighter. He starts to lord it over me about how minty his bike was and how I never should have sold it and probably could have gotten more money for it. I started thinking that he ripped me off. He knows that I'm not hurting for money and am selling my bikes to get a brand new motard. That's not cool. We've known each other since kindergarten.

I'm at his place and he is shining up the fairing on his bike. He points out how well I took care of the thing, how it looks new and how it's gonna get him big $$$$$ trade in on a new Gixxer. He puts a new chain, sprockets, and tires on the thing and puts it up for sale. Now I'm pissed.

Karma gets him after he has only 3 rides on the bike. His broke, recently divorced cousin who moved into his house finds the bike key and goes out for smokes while he is at work. He slides the bike under a minivan. No class six, can't go through ICBC. The weird thing is that almost every bit of plastic and and metal on the bike is rashed. No way to hide the fact the bike went down hard. He has no money to fix it so it sits. All he wanted to do was make money off the bike and now he's fucked.

Meanwhile I get two months off work and am riding everywhere. I sort of rub it in to the guy. I take his hot neighbor chick for a rip around the block and he looked so jealous his head might pop off. He points out the fact that I never do wheelies anymore like back in the day "cause my balls have shrank" and I do mousetrap wheelies anyway. Just for spite the streetfighter is wheelied everyday, especially in front of this guy. Cruel but fun.

Karma gets me today when my newly rediscovered love of wheelies causes me to put my bike into a ditch. I haven't even tipped over a bike in 15 years. Out of commission til the broken parts are scrounged up. Some much for the biking vacation.

Bad energy. Gotta watch that negativity.
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